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I am Sheila residing at Fore-shore Estate Chennai-600 028. I know about Green Avenue Homes & Gardens, Rehaja Towers, Omega Wing, Ground Floor,177- Annasalai, Chennai- 600 002 for the past one year.
Green Avenue Homes & Gardens is doing remarkable service in Real Estate by constructing luxury Villas at affordable price in Vandalur and Thiruverkadu at present.They are one of the reliable promoters in Chennai who does not compromise quality at no point of time. They are also on the move to promote residential flats in the pockets of Chennai city.
I congratulate the entire team which put its heart and soul to make the dreams of hundreds of beneficiaries to build a house. I wish them all success in their future endeavour.

This is Xavier, from the United States of America where I have domicile for the past two decades.One of my friends, who is also a non-resident Indian would like to invest his hardly earned money in Chennai to purchase a house.When we had a glance over the profile of a few of trust worthy builders in Chennai, We were quite impressed with the track records of Green Avenue Homes & Gardens, Chennai for the past two years.
I was told that many non-resident Indians have reposed confidence in Green Avenue Homes and purchased quite a sizeable number of Villas from its ongoing projects at Vandalur and Thiruverkadu.We received a good response from the Directors of Green Avenue when we had dialogue with them.
My friend is desirous to be owner of one of the highly sophisticated Villas, coming up with individual swimming pool and elevator at Sirucheri, Chennai where the dream Project of Green Avenue Homes & Gardens is emerging out in a few months.